About Us


Established in 2016, HK FLyer is a leading pet nutrition supplier in China, engaging in a wide range of functional pet health products. With the core values of high quality and compassion, we continue to innovate. Tailor-made each product for pets. Ensure pets are nutritious and healthy.

Flyer products cover a wide range of fields such as urinary, renal, gastrointestinal, skin, joint and nerve. The products are sold all over the country and are consistently trusted by major pet hospitals.

Flyer technology is based on advanced foreign ingredients, formulas and technology to further optimize the products from research and development to market. To ensure the quality of each product, we also design different nutritional supplements for different parts of the pet according to their own nutritional needs, in order to ensure the healthy growth of pets and happy growth.

Flyer not only protects your pets by products, our employees are also the protector of small animals who play an important role in the company. Each team and each department carefully working together on products as the intermediator between manufacture and vet hospitals.

Flyer has been practicing quality and love since its inception. We are committed to bringing high quality pet nutrition to every family and building a happy, harmonious and wonderful home for pet owners.


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